Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of NH ~ Order of Eastern Star
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From the desks of the Worthy Grand Matron & Patron and Grand Marshal ~ March 31, 2020

Laughter is the Best Medicine!
These days, one of my favorite things to view online is the Holderness Family videos. If you have never seen them, they are a family that lives down in Raleigh, NC. Kim and Penn were originally involved in broadcast news before taking the jump 7 years ago with their first musical online video "Christmas Jammies." During the pandemic they have been keeping the world amused with many musical parodies such as "I want to know what day it is" (a spoof on Foreigners "I want to know what Love is")
"I want to know what day it is ...
I thought it was Thursday ...
I want to know what day it is ...
Cause they're all getting blurry ... "
"I want to know what day it is ...
I got this confusion ...
I don't know what day it is ...
Because of all this seclusion ... "

You need to understand that every morning Brother Brian wakes up and asks "What day is it?" Because some days in this isolation mode we are definitely losing track of time and date! I sat at work the other day and started laughing out loud at the Holderness Family recent "Kids Every Single Morning" video as it is so relative to life with children (and more specifically my granddaughter)! Their take on pandemic life brings a sense of joy to me and is a reminder that through all of this turmoil we are all in this together, and we will get through it, with a little humor to keep you smiling.
They say laughter is the best medicine, a quote from Professor Henri de Mondeville in the 1300s. Scientifically it is found to release endorphins, increase social bonds, fosters brain connectivity, is essential to building our relationships, has an effect like antidepressants by releasing serotonin, and is protective to the heart with anti-inflammatory properties. Because of the way it strengthens the immune system, boosts moods, diminishes pain and protects you from damaging effect of stress, its no wonder that people who laugh more seem to live a good, long, health life! I am reminded of the Bible verse "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." -Proverbs 17:22.
I miss the laughter that is Eastern Star when we all gather socially, and I am looking forward to the next few months as we gradually reopen our Chapters to in person meetings and enjoy the fellowship and fun we once had with our Sisters and Brothers.
The other day at our Dream Builders meeting certainly was a fun 'Zoom' time as we teased Brother Dave about his $16,000 haircut (we love you Sister Chris-and that shaggy dog too!), and Sister Aimee about adjourning the meeting (we love you!), and it was so fun to hear the laughter and see the smiles on everyone's faces. Those are the moments that keep us healthy, connected, and create longtime memories, I cannot wait to hear the laughter within the Masonic halls again, telling us that we have come back alive and that our hearts are indeed merry! That is one reason I look forward to our last few fun events: the Mini Golf tourney (always fun and merriment but I wonder who is going to beat the Past Grand Marshals group this year), the Ball for the Ages (Sister Lisa always does a great job with that entertainment), the Lobstah Shoot out (load of laughs as we see who takes home the most Lobstahs), the Races (always an interesting time watching the scenery coming through the gates), the Murder Mystery event (what pirate is going to be the culprit- always a hilarious who dun it) And maybe, just maybe, when things get started back opened again I will be able to keep track of what day it is for dear Brother Brian!

Joan L Smith, Worthy Grand Matron


Sisters and Brothers,
Happy Spring! As we get closer to nicer weather, hopefully this pandemic will take a break and we can get back to the business of our wonderful Eastern Star. We do have some great things planned and fingers crossed, we will be able to complete them before Grand Chapter.
I'm writing a little different article this time and looking back at a couple of the things we have done to keep our Order alive during this troubled time. From an article in Forbes magazine, we learn from the experts about ways to keep your organization active during these times. Forbes quotes, "Rule No. 1 for outreach communications is that the information must be relevant to members and reach them at a time when they can use it. For example, while some Americans have extensive experience working from home, most do not. Sheltering in place has created a new reality for many of our members."
Being able to learn new things and ways to communicate has been a challenge for our older members, but it has brought them back into the world of Eastern Star with the assistance of our technical gurus, the Tuttles. Thank you both for your continued support. Your patience and perseverance has enabled new and exciting things to be brought to us like International Weekend and many social events.
Rule 2 is to mix it up. One of the primary reasons our Order is surviving is because we are in constant communication with our members. However, frequent outreach alone is not enough. Communications must be delivered in a format that engages members, which is why it's important to provide a little variety. For example, during the pandemic, Zoom meetings just to say hi and communicate enabled out members from out of state and sometimes out of country to participate in meetings where they have been not able to in the past. Reconnecting with Sisters and Brothers is extremely important not only for retention, but for our survival as an organization. Joan and I hope we have provided this Grand Chapter with the leadership and love that will carry us far into the future.
I am extremely proud to be your Worthy Grand Patron.
Be safe and I look forward to seeing you all at Grand Chapter.

In Star Love,
David R Walters, Worthy Grand Patron


Happy Spring Sisters and Brothers!
As spring comes upon us I cannot help but think about all the changes that have happened over the last year. Which then makes me think back to changes even further back that have affected changes throughout history. The world has had its share of disasters and troubles throughout history. We can read through history books and say "wow, that must have been something to live through." There are stories we hear about from our grandparents that start with "I remember when..." We even have stories that we can remember witnessing or living through that also start with the "I remember when..." beginning. (You thought of one just now didn't you?)
There have been natural disasters, wars, epidemics, pandemics, terrorist attacks and equipment failures. We have always been able to get through with our strength of human character, support and love. This will hold true again as this pandemic runs its course and finally comes to an end. We will once again come together and our strength and love will have seen us through and will continue to strengthen us for anything that will come in the future. And when our children and grandchildren share this story, they will be the ones to say, "I remember when...".
As we move forward and all starts to ease and we can once again meet and we will see each other again in person, I hope to you all to be able to share some fun, friendship, and love that we all have been missing.

Here will be some events that will be able to just that:
Murder Mystery - June 26 (Possible 2 shows)
Ball for the Ages - August 6-8
Lobstah Shootout - August 15
NH Grand Chapter - August 19-21 (NH only)

Below is a complete list of events on the Dream Builders schedule. Check the website, additional information will be distributed as it becomes available. And as I say every time: as usual, if you cannot find what you need, or have any question, do not hesitate to contact me at or 603-325-5127, and I will get the information or direct you where you need.
I leave this thought with you. "Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer." - Anita Krizzan

Ponder your Possibilities!
In Star Love and Service,
Pamela Traurig, Grand Marshal


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