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From the Desk of the Worthy Grand Matron & Patron

Sisters and Brothers,
This is our Circus! These are our Monkeys!
Thank you for your continued faith and trust in us as we assume responsibility for the Eastern Star in New Hampshire. It is a humbling experience to stand in the east and receive the Grand Honors. No one can do this job alone and it will take the help and support of all the members to make this a successful year, and Dick, Lisa and I working together, to keep this circus on track.
We want this year to be a fun one, full of cheerful companionship and social enjoyments. We have several fun events planned, some as fundraisers, some just for fun and fellowship. Information will be shared as the events get closer. Watch your email and Facebook for updates.
Our charity this year is Service Dogs. The Circus Stars group has agreed to raise $10,000 to sponsor "our" dog, Darby, through her two years of training with A.C.T.S. We have already paid part of the money and hope to be able to pay some more at our next group meeting. We look forward to your continued support in this endeavor. Sister Pat Hamel is the chair of the Service Dogs Committee and has a beautiful quilt to raffle off. The drawing will be at Grand Chapter next year. Look for the quilt at Circus Star events.
The travel program is a little different this year. Since our watchword is "Inclusion" we wanted to come up with a way to try to include as many members as possible in the fun of being pinned. Travel booklets and information are available from Sister Pam D. Traurig, Deputy Grand Marshal and Sister Lisa K. Hollis, Grand Marshal, as well as on line.
Some days there is just no denying it. Your life starts to resemble a full-blown, over-the-top, three-ring circus. But guess what? You are not alone. Up and down your street, around each corner, and behind closed doors, at some point most of us have had the same experience. So if life is going to be a circus, rally your friends, step right up, and make it the greatest show on earth . . . the likes of which the world has never known. Once you do, you will find that troubles are smaller when you embrace them with your friends. So, join our circus. Help us hoist up the big top, march in the menagerie, and let the show begin. It's going to be stupendous!

In Star Love,

Barbara E Gaskell, Worthy Grand Matron
Richard G Fortier, Sr, Worthy Grand Patron
Lisa K Hollis, Grand Marshal
monkey car


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